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I’ve learned quite a bit from following and interacting with other filmmakers and techies on Twitter.  I’ve sculpted a list of users on Twitter that I am grateful to since they have taught me so much about shooting, editing, DSLRs, etc.  Anyway, I like to keep up to date with these people’s activity and usually can only do so by constantly checking this Twitter list on my laptop.  Otherwise, I’ll go days or weeks without knowing what is trending and losing out on great information.

What I learned today was how to create an RSS feed of this Twitter list which I can access very easily on my iPhone’s locked screen whenever I have a few free moments.

1. Go here.

2. Fill in the Twitter username and the list you want to create into a feed.

3. Copy this URL into Google Reader or any RSS syndicator and you’re g2g (good to go).

BTW, the Twitter list I created and use on my iPhone is this.

I learned to love my iPhone again after jailbreaking it and installing a few of my favorite apps.  Jailbreaking is worth doing solely for two apps: BiteSMS and IntelliScreenX.  These are both paid apps (via the Cydia store) but well worth it.  BiteSMS allows you to reply to texts from the unlock screen (among other awesome features) and IntelliScreenX shows your calendar, weather, Mail, texts, etc on the lock screen.

If you’ve considered jailbreaking your iPhone, do it.  These links will get you started.  Lifehacker’s article, Best Jailbreak apps, hackers site where the jailbreak is available.

I had this idea where I would like to remember the big and small things that I learn every day.  Journaling the ideas in a notebook seemed selfish since others might benefit from my knowledge and many of the things I learn are found on the Internet.  A link to a great article, Tweet, Facebook comment, blog post, you name it.

So there won’t be much structure here.  A minimalist take on posting what I learned as a reminder to me and perhaps one day I’ll look back and realizing that learning to take the courage to do something you believe in is the first step.

Today, I learned how great the new Develop module in the Adobe Lightroom 4 beta is.  Lightroom is a photo organizing/editing program that I use religiously and I continue to be amazed at how powerful and useful it is becoming. There are now 5 sliders to precisely control the look of your photo, (Blacks, Shadows, Exposure, Highlights, Whites correspond to specific parts on the histogram).  Awesome.  Video tutorial here.

Thanks for listening.