I had this idea where I would like to remember the big and small things that I learn every day.  Journaling the ideas in a notebook seemed selfish since others might benefit from my knowledge and many of the things I learn are found on the Internet.  A link to a great article, Tweet, Facebook comment, blog post, you name it.

So there won’t be much structure here.  A minimalist take on posting what I learned as a reminder to me and perhaps one day I’ll look back and realizing that learning to take the courage to do something you believe in is the first step.

Today, I learned how great the new Develop module in the Adobe Lightroom 4 beta is.  Lightroom is a photo organizing/editing program that I use religiously and I continue to be amazed at how powerful and useful it is becoming. There are now 5 sliders to precisely control the look of your photo, (Blacks, Shadows, Exposure, Highlights, Whites correspond to specific parts on the histogram).  Awesome.  Video tutorial here.

Thanks for listening.