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My sister-in-law has Celiac disease and thus cannot normally eat oats, barley, wheat, or rye.  Currently, she is pregnant and because her immune system is lowered due to the pregnancy, she can eat gluten without being adversely affected.

If you enjoy history and it presented in a fun and lively manner, than Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour in Seattle is just the ticket.  It describes how the city cooped with the tide levels, a city-wide fire, and no sewer system.  I don’t want to give away all the fascinating details but trust me, it was well worth the $16 for the two-hour tour.  You can read about it and buy tickets at

I had never visited or hiked on Mt Rainier before and I learned that at the top-most parking area for Paradise you can do more than go snowshoeing or hiking.  You can also go sledding on slopes that are dug out of the snow for park visitors.  Bring your own sled and sled at your own risk.  I found it worth it and taking me back almost 20 years.  Definitely worth the trip.

I learned how to force BiteSMS (an iPhone jailbreak SMS app) to send messages as a text message and not as a default iMessage.  Sometimes it can take iMessage a long time to timeout and for the message to fail and then for it to ask if you want to resend as a text message.  Hold the Send button down for two seconds and it will change from blue to green.  That’s it.

While in college and in the Air Force, we always used PowerPoint for our presentations mostly because there wasn’t an alternative.  Today, I learned how easy and powerful Apple Keynote is when I used it for the first time.

It’s especially great because you can export directly to a 1080p Quicktime .mov file and not mess around with who does or doesn’t have Keynote and create some beautiful self-looping presentations/slideshows.  File > Export > Quicktime….Nice.

I took my 2005 Honda Accord in for its regular preventive maintenance and my friend, Meg, recommended a local service shop, BVA Independent Service Specialists.  I met the owner, Manuel Vargas, and he not only gave me a military discount for being a veteran but was reasonable about the pricing since my front brakes needed to be replaced.

In short, I learned that honest mechanics still exist and if you need work on your Honda, Volvo, Acura, Toyota or Lexus give these guys your business.

1522 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404, (310) 393-9889