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While here in Montreal (for the 1st time), I noticed that sometimes green traffic lights will not just light up green but will blink green.  I have never seen this in all my world travels.  I asked a local and was told it means that you can either go straight through the light and you can safely turn left at that light without worrying whether oncoming traffic also has a green light.  In the US, we usually have a green arrow that is separate from the standard green light.

Oh and a quick tip if you want to avoid traffic tickets in Montreal, don’t turn right at any red light.  This is illegal in the entire city and will get you a ticket lickety split.  No right on any red lights…wait for a green light.  My good deed for the day is complete :)

Learned today that a simple Google query can tell you when sunrise/sunset is.

It’s as easy as typing “sunrise syracuse ny” or “New Orleans sunset” and it appears at the top of the results page.  Cool.

There is a Society of Saint Pius X Traditional Latin mass at 8am in San Pedro and today was the 1st time I visited this church and definitely won’t be the last.  However, I plugged the address of 3600 S Gaffey St into Google Maps (Bing & MapQuest) and it let me to that address but not to the church.  After googling the church’s name a little “Maria Stella Maris Mission”, I discovered the church is located on the Fort MacArthur park grounds and here is easiest way to get to it.

Type the address into Google Maps and follow it to the end of the route it gives you.  On your right hand side, just before your journey should end there will be the entrance to the Angels Gate Park and the Fort MacArthur Museum.  Turn right here onto Leavenworth Drive.  Follow Leavenworth Drive for 0.3 miles and over 5 speed bumps and just past the intersection of Osgood Farley Road and Leavenworth Drive.  The church will be on your left.  Leavenworth drive becomes Gaffey St again where the church is located even though Google Maps doesn’t show it.

If you want to get specific at the exact location of the church, it is at 33.713399,-118.297058.  Or type “Leavenworth Drive and Orc Rd, San Pedro, CA” into Google Maps to lead you right to it.

I work in Adobe After Effects only about once a month and don’t consider myself very knowledgeable with it yet and so whenever I learn something useful I like to share it with those who might share my pain.

I had imported a dozen vector graphics and was having them get larger and jump out.  But any time I scaled a graphic above 100%, the graphic became very soft and not in sharp focus, as if the graphic was not a vector graphic at all but a low resolution photo.

I googled my problem and discovered that there is a toggle next to each file in your composition that turns “continuously rasterize” on/off.  It looks like a little sun,  .  Once I did this for each image I had scaled above 100%, they all look perfectly sharp at any size just as vector graphics should.  Problem solved!