I’ve been looking for a solution to a very specific problem for years.  Today, I found it.  Oh happy day.

Here’s what I was looking for.

  1. A replacement for Mac OS X’s built-in Application Switcher.  The one that appears when you hit cmd + tab.
  2. It must show me all open windows for all open applications.  When you usually hit cmd+tab, it will only show you icons for the opens apps and not the individual windows of those apps.  For example, if you have 3 Chrome browser windows open and 2 PDFs open in Preview, it would only show you 1 icon for Chrome and 1 for Preview.  BTW, I’m aware that cmd+~ will switch between all windows of the active app but this can get fooled at times (mostly on YouTube pages) and isn’t nearly as fast as using cmd+tab, especially if the window I want to switch to isn’t currently active.
  3. It must actually override cmd+tab and not have it’s only keyboard shortcut as something else, like alt+tab.
  4. It must be free.

Enter HyperSwitch.  It’s in beta and has been for a year but it seems very solid and plan on just using the beta from now on.

There are great paid alternatives out there such as Witch or Contexts but $14 seems too much for an app like this.  If it were half this price I would have gladly paid it, especially to save on all the time I spent searching for HyperSwitch.