I have started using Firefox as my daily browser since Chrome has been getting slower and slower.  Plus I always enable the Adblock Plus add-on/extension to keep ads at bay.  However, this created a conflict.

If you want to copy & paste text inside Firefox, you type Cmd+V (on a Mac), pretty basic stuff.  But if you want to paste text and only paste the text without the formatting it comes with, you type Cmd+Shift+V.   This can be very useful at times and say you keystrokes.

But with Adblock Plus enable, Cmd+Shift+V was assigned to “Open Blockable Items” and I could never paste text without the formatting.  But I found a fix.

Open Firefox’s config by typing, about:config (in the address bar).

Then search for extensions.adblockplus.sidebar_key on the config page.

Under the Value column, change Accel Shift V, Accel Shift U to Accel Shift W, Accel Shift U

Restart Firefox and now you can paste text without the formatting using Cmd+Shift+V